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Good News You Can Use PRST STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID CANTON, MS PERMIT NO. 3 Canton News P.O. Box 1163, Canton, MS 39046 • April 2, 2020 • Vol. 6, No. 4 • Canton, Mississippi Special to The Canton News Shelby Smith’s TV & Appli- ances, located on the east side of the Canton Square, has reached a milestone of being in business for seventy-five years this year and has remained in the Smith family from day one. It is owned today by Shelby Smith, Jr., and his wife Carolyn. Shelby Smith’s TV & Appli- ances was established in 1945 and opened for business on the Square in Canton after Shelby Smith, Sr., was discharged from the Navy. “Our store originally opened as Shelby Smith’s Firestone, but after the war, appliances and household goods were in short supply and hard to get, so we ba- sically sold what was available. We changed our name to Shel- By Lori Lycette by Smith’s TV & Appliances as we evolved to more of a home furnishings store in the 50s and 60s,” Shelby Smith said. “We’ve seen the evolution of the appliance and TV industry in our seventy-five years on the Square. In 1945, most washers were wringer washers or rub boards. Milk and ice were de- livered to your doorstep every morning because refrigerators were ice boxes back then. Stoves were wood burning or gas, and there were no microwaves or TVs. Most families gathered in front of home radios for enter- tainment and news each night.” “When we graduated from Ole Miss in the mid-sixties, we moved back to Canton, and I’ve been working in the store ever since,” Smith added. “Carolyn Canton family business reaches seventy-five years cont. on page 5 Crossroads Ministries is a faith- based organization that was es- tablished in 2008 to help women transition back to society from prison with the help, healing and education needed to have a sec- ond chance at life. Vicki DeMoney, along with sev- eral other volunteers, had been serving in the Kairos Prison Min- istry together, and they quickly recognized there was a need for a safe place to help women who had been incarcerated to realize their worth and receive the tools they will need in order to re-enter society. “While serving there, we deter- mined there was a great need for women coming from incarcer- ation to help restore their lives. By Lori Lycette There are literally hundreds of men and women sitting in prison who have made parole but can’t leave because they have nowhere Local ministry gives women hope and healing to go. They must have a good address. They won’t let you go back to an unhealthy environ- ment. They won’t let you leave the state unless you have an in- terstate compact, where one state takes responsibility from another state,” said DeMoney, executive director. They implemented a two-step process: A Primary Care home (Phase One) in Madison, where the ladies live for 120 days, re- ceiving free housing, food, cloth- ing, medical care, counseling, life skills and faith-based classes designed to equip them for the future. They call this home Re- demptive Avenue. “We bring them here for a four- month program to recover from many things and then transition back home. We try to break the hoarding mentality, of items such as food and clothing. When they come out (of prison), stuff is very cont. on page 3 Special to The Canton News Victory Lane Home in Canton Shelby Smith’s TV & Appliances 8:30-6:00 M-F 8:30-12:30 Sat Stace Cauthe Sander & Bil M b 1301 East Peace Street, Canton 39046 601-859-4212 Please call (601) 859-4212 and will we will prepare your prescriptions/OTC medications for convenient pickup at our Drive-Thru window or curbside pickup. We appreciate your business and patience during this time. Most importantly we care about your health and safety. Mosby’s Drug Store will serve our patients thru: Driv -thr Window / Hom deliver / Curb sid whe necessar