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Good News You Can Use PRST STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID CANTON, MS PERMIT NO. 3 Canton News P.O. Box 1163, Canton, MS 39046 • July 2, 2020 • Vol. 6, No. 7 • Canton, Mississippi Despite the delays that the COVID-19 quarantining and so- cial distancing mandates have cre- ated, the Madison County Nursing Home, located just east of town on Highway 16, has established plans for a brand new park to be constructed between the nursing home and the highway, where the Madison County Medical Center once stood. The park will be constructed pri- marily for the nursing home resi- dents but will be open to the pub- lic as well. After hiring a landscape archi- tect, Madison County Nursing Home Director Daniel Logan and the Madison County Nurs- ing Home Board of Trustees met with all the residents to get ideas and suggestions from them about what they would like to see in the By Lori Lycette new park. From that information, the land- scape architect created a render- ing of a c i r cu l a r park con- taining a c i r cu l a r half mile wa l k i ng trail that l e a d s r i g h t b a c k w h e r e the walk- er began. “ T h e residents had a lot of input in the fi- nal draw- ings and are eager to be able to see and enjoy the new park,” said Madison nursing home plans park with walking trail The Mississippi State Board of Education (SBE) recently sus- pended several policies to give local school districts scheduling flexibility for the 2020-21 school year to deal with the impact of COVID-19. State law requires schools to provide 180 days of instruc- tion each school year. Local school districts are responsible for designing school schedules that best meet the needs of their communities. School calendars, including the first and last day of school and school holidays, are set at the district level. The SBE policy suspensions Special to The Canton News Canton schools evaluating options for 20-21 school year instructional hours required has been reduced from five and a half hours to four hours per day. For high school courses that offer Carnegie unit cred- it, the 140-hour instruction- al requirement for one-credit courses and the 70-hour instruc- tional requirement for half-cred- it courses will be waived if the district develops a plan to ensure students master the course con- tent. The plan must be approved by the local school board and posted on the district’s website by September 30, 2020. The SBE also suspended the policy requiring districts to seek a waiver from the SBE Logan. “The walking trails will be wider than most walking trails, as they will be made to accom- modate t h o s e u s i n g wh e e l - chairs.” A n A r b o r P a v i l - ion will c r e a t e shaded s p a c e in the c e n t e r of the proper- ty for c o m - muni ty and nursing home functions and will be wired for electricity in the event that music, microphones or additional lighting is needed. A large open grassy area will be open for nursing home resident activities and other community events, with ample room for por- table seating. Covered seating will be avail- able as well as restrooms within the park. The board of trustees recently approved the plan to go forward with the project, and the next step will be to hire a consultant to draw the details, which is estimated to take several months. The project will them be placed open for bids. Once a contractor is chosen, it is estimated that it will take about nine months to complete the proj- ect. The projected completion date and grand opening of the park is fall of 2021, weather and virus permitting. will allow districts flexibility with their scheduling to com- ply with Mississippi State Department of Health and Cen- ters for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines for managing the COVID-19 outbreak. For the 2020-21 school year, districts may meet the 180- day teaching requirement by implementing one or more of three scheduling options for operating schools: traditional, virtual or a hybrid of in-person and dis- tance learning. The types of sched- ules may vary among schools in the same dis- trict to meet the differ- ent learn- ing needs of students in elementa- ry, middle and high school. To help districts develop class sched- ules, the number of daily cont. on page 13 Landscape architect’s rendering of the new park Madison County Nursing Home Accessible Path to the Park Arbor/Pavilion Covered Seating Evergreen Screen Ramp Restroom Restroom 1/2 MileWalkingTrail Gate Parking Large Shade Tree A New Park Graphic Scale Madison County, Mississippi for the Existing Nursing Home Circles TheCircles concept extends the trail lengthof theHeart conceptwhile still making the navigation simple. Wherever you startoutwalkingyouwill endwhere youbegan if you stay on the circleyou startedon.Cross axes also lead to the and are centeredon themain entrance from thebuilding and the entrance to the parking lot andproperty to theWest. Trees shade thepathways and reinforce the circular formswhich in themselves create interestby constantly changing the perspective of theuser. The land form will also rise and fallutilizing the existing catchbasins for neededdrainage,giving a feeling that thepathdisappears fromview at certain locations. Existing Trees Festival Lawn TheArborPavilionwill create a shaded space in themiddleof the property for community and hospital functions,while a surrounding lawn area provides ample seating.The arborwillbe open to the sky ith a framemimicking treebranches and creating a structure to supportwisteria. 0 1530 90 60 120 Special to The Canton News 8:30-6:00 M-F 8:30-12:30 Sat Stace Cauthe Sander & Bil M b 1301 East Peace Street, Canton 39046 601-859-4212 Mosby's is once again excited to serve you inside our store. Please visit us during our normal hours. For your convenience, our drive thru and curbside pick up options are available to you. Please call ahead for faster service, 601-859-4212. W ar prou t b your hometow pharmac an w ar her t servic your healt car need !