A Word of Prayer: Swinging for the Fence

  • 06/20/2021, 08:15 AM
  • Kylie Warren
A Word of Prayer: Swinging for the Fence
It's the bottom of the ninth, there are two outs, the bases are loaded, the game is all tied up, and you're up to bat. All eyes are on you. This is where it counts.

For my brothers and me, this is the scenario that we would play over and over again in the All-American game of backyard baseball.  It made for the best game-winning endings! These were the moments that we lived for, and these were the moments that we loved. For us as men, we love when it all comes down to us. We love it when the pressure falls on us, and we are the ones the team is counting on. We live for it. And whether we are playing backyard baseball or whether we are put in one of life's most difficult situations, we approach the plate with everything we've got.


Men, if there has ever been a time when the pressure is on us, it's now. If there has ever been a time for men of God to step up to the plate spiritually and be the man God has created and intends for us to be, you better believe it's now! Because it's right now when the enemy's attempts on our families are out of control and right now when the enemy has launched attacks on our homes, on our minds, and our hearts. The enemy has overstepped his boundaries and encroached beyond his limits.  And now, for us, it's personal! You see, I believe that when God created us, He gave us the ability to overcome even our worst enemy. God never intended for us to do this alone, but He gave us His Holy Ghost to help us. His Word says, “Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is He that is in you, than He that is in the world”     (1 John 4:4).


What a privilege! Not only is He with us, but He is in us! I believe we are living in the last days, and just to know that God has saved us for this time lets me know that God has all the confidence in the world when He calls our number to step up to the plate. This is a spiritual warfare, and it's not going to be easy; but God has given us everything we need for the battle. Ephesians 6 provides us with everything we need to suit up for this game!  

I remember growing up seeing a framed picture that my Mama had placed in our room.  It was a picture of a boy standing at the plate ready in his batting stance with a smile on his face, and standing behind him was Jesus holding the bat with him waiting for the pitch. I would have loved to have seen how that scene ended! Men, can I tell you that there is One who is in you that is greater than anything the enemy will ever throw at you, and I cannot wait to see how this one ends. We were chosen for this moment, created for this hour, and I refuse to let my team down!

It's the bottom of the ninth, two outs, the bases are loaded, and your team - your family - is counting on you. And as you approach the plate, you know the enemy is going to be bringing the heat; but you've got everything it takes, and you are swinging for the fence!  


By Guest Columnist Kylie Warren

Kylie Warren is an associate preacher at Apostolic Lighthouse Church, where he has been a member his entire life and attends with his wife Cassidy and daughter Harbor Mae. He is also the owner of Kylie Melons on East Peace Street.

Kylie Warren



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